Welcome to Your Energy Savings Assessor.

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Your Energy Savings Assessor will analyse every aspect of you home or business to find the numerous ways you can save energy and save on your energy costs.

Your Energy Savings Assessor audit includes:

Energy monitor demonstration for current useage

  • Window efficiency  Checks
  • Shading Check
  • Insulation check and recommendations
  • Draught proofing and weather sealing
  • Air conditioner check
  • Heaters filters and ducts
  • Air flow management
  • Hot water check
  • Appliances check
  • Lighting check
  • Pools and Spas
  • Optional Thermography
  • building natural shading and affects
  • window and door draft sealing needs
  • window improvements recommendation and efficiency ratings
  • Appliance energy star rating and recommendations
  • cooling and heating inspection recommendations
  • solar power and battery viability for your particular home
  • Independant energy plan  comparison advice from SA government agency
  • free gift that helps you start saving immediately
  • Advice on how to save power and water for pools/spas
  • Lighting inspection and LED upgrade options
  • Many more items included in assessment


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